What are your dreams for 2013 and how will you go about reaching them?


A new year is always about embracing the dreams and visions we have for ourselves.

But one of the things that keeps us from achieving those dreams is the inner critic. So when we give power to that voice by listening to it we shut down our opportunity to live the life we hope for and set out trying to live at the beginning of each new year.

This year we are SO EXCITED to introduce you to a process called intentional creativity. It’s  what we’ve been doing all along but had no official name for.  And sort of tiptoed around – just dipping our toes in with meaningful, thought-provoking projects and discussions . But we think you want more of that.  And we want to take you – and our evenings – to a deeper place.  We all want more insight, more meaningful conversation, more ah-has, and more connection.  We know that your time is valuable, that you are up to big things in the world, and you need a place to be inspired, and inspiring, and people who are doing the same.


Cheryl and I have laid out our plans for 2013 in a way that will build on itself over the course of the year.  And one of the first things we will do in January (Calgary) and early February (Vancouver Island) is address that inner critic head on, in an artful way.  We hope to and will work towards silencing and diffusing the power that voice has on us and our dreams and aspirations.

We all have a wise and intuitive self even though some days it seems silent – and we struggle to hear it.  It’s  simply being drowned by other voices – both internal and external. But when we begin to embrace, silence, or re-frame our own unhelpful internal messaging, we build resiliency and strengthen our ability to deal with the negative influences that come from our environment.

You might wonder how we can make a process that sounds this heavy FUN? But never fear! Not only do we have wine but we are both trained facilitators in dealing with stressful, negative influence. We know the importance of keeping a light-hearted approach in potentially heavy topics.

So, does this sound like an intriguing way to creatively begin 2013?

If you:

  • want and need connection with wholehearted (thanks Brene), interesting women
  • would like a consistent creative outlet designed to inspire and encourage you
  • love to get buried in art supplies and activities of all kinds
  • have 3 hours a month to devote to just taking care of yourself – and know how critical that is…

then check out our events page for more details here for Calgary and here for Shawnigan Lake and please join our mailing list.  We never bombard you – you’ll simply get updates about upcoming events and maybe a great resource or two.


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