Want to host a WW&P of your own?

So many of our social occasions are the same, aren’t they?  The same conversations – typically something related to work, parenting, stress, etc, the same activities – and we so rarely really get to know anything truly interesting about one another.   But finding ways to do that, especially ones that people will come to, isn’t easy.  People are tired, and mostly just want to veg, not think, and not have to try to hard, even if they love any opportunity for a night out.

But maybe you’d like to challenge them a little.  Do something that brings you closer or inspires you.  Where you feel like you get everything you need from your social time.  And it isn’t kind of a superficial night.  (Most of us, despite being somewhat worn out from our busy lives, are seeking more connection).

If  you are interested in hosting a different kind of night for friends or colleagues, intentional creativity is a nice happy medium.  A fun, relaxed, engaged way to hang out together.  Check out some of the recent adventures we’ve been on below…or here.   Any of them can be offered to your group in a space of your choosing.  You provide the people, the space, the food and wine, and we’ll provide everything else – the music, inspiration, facilitation, and ALL materials.  Cost per person is $25 – minimum 6 and maximum 20.


Finding Our Authentic Self – “The Crusty Critic vs. The Wise Woman”

We begin a new year with fresh hopes and dreams, promises to ourselves, and a vision of ourselves seizing every opportunity to live fully and with vibrant panache!… well, some do. Suffice it so say that we all have some version of a positive, fresh start when we step into a new year. What makes those hopes and dreams a reality depends largely on the voices we listen to, especially the voice inside our own head.
Can you hear voice of your own intuition, your Wise Self, whispering encouragement and guidance?  It can be hard to hear amidst the noise of our busy lives, multiple demands, and unsupportive chatter from our inner critic whom some call the Gremlin. Whatever we call it, we all have it, the voice of self doubt and judgement. If we don’t pay attention to which voice we choose to listen to, we can find ourselves falling off track and losing our way…far from our best intentions to live fully. The best way (and it’s a creative one!) to address the voice that gets us off track and feeling “not enough” is to recognize it, put a “face” on it, and take it on. This is step one in uncovering our authentic and intuitive voice.


And it begins by releasing ourselves from the grip of The Critic, freeing us up to be able to fully hear the “real” voice…Our Wise Woman. We will put a creative “face” on both these aspects of ourselves in a fun, colorful, light-hearted process. Prepare to play, dig deep, and let go of that which does not support you… and send that Crusty Inner Critic packing!

We will be painting, drawing, journaling, and chatting as we sip our wine together. Dress for messy and prepare to have a great time creating and sharing with other wise women friends. And remember, no drawing or painting experience is required at all.

“Meet Your Muse”



Have you met that loving, supportive, fascinating , sacred self inside? The one who wants you to know she’s there for you, that is waiting to be brought to being through creativity? Using a process designed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, we will spend the evening journalling, painting, adding layers of various tissue papers, sharpies, and glue – and of course glitter (because all Muses are sparkly!) – to bring your Muse to life. We’ll talk about listening – how we listen, whose voices are loudest, what we say to ourselves,
and what the Muse has to say to you.



You’ll be guided through a simple, intentional creative process that is totally accessible for non-painters and yet complicated enough if you are an accomplished artist.




Mandala Making

“The art of the mandala is a stepping stone to many discoveries about yourself. It can be a visual reminder to us in our hurried lives that timelessness does exist if we make a place for it.” – Dr. Judith Cornell

mandala 9

diondior image - mandala





Mandalas have been used around the world as a form of mindfulness and creativity for centuries. The Mandala (a Sanskrit word for ‘sacred circle’) is both a process and a tool. It can bring us to a place of inspired creativity and more because the primary intention of Mandalas is to fully open ourselves to being present in the process rather than creating a finished product. Learning this process can enhance our ability to create from a place of quiet and stillness, free from rules and judgment, helping us let go of our firm attachment to product only. The process provides simple techniques to:

  • Tap into inspired states of creativity
  • Shift your perspective and regain balance in the moment
  • Experience creative self-expression and feelings of stillness and renewal
  • Access your Intuitive voice
    daisy yellow mandala

This project is an introduction to 3 different Mandala processes and will involve working with white and coloured pencils on black paper, drawing and journalling, and embellishing with gel pens and perhaps even glitter, collaborative doodling, and working with resists and paints.  Lots to play and experiment with!


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