The “I’ll Just” Syndrome


I just read a great article by Lesley Riley (click the link for Lesley’s site) about letting the “I’ll justs …. ” get in the way of the things you actually WANT to do.  Like get into the studio, or take a walk, or just rest.  Imagine.  Lesley’s article is aimed at artists – women in particular – and has some excellent advice at managing our time more effectively so that we don’t let the minutae of the day keep us from creating.  I think it applies to everything though – and to men as well.  And to the big picture.  How many of us just “I’ll just” our lives away?

Either we let the to-dos pile up so that there is no time left for the pleasures, or we create to-dos to avoid doing our important, inspiring, fulfilling stuff.  But that’s a whole other post…  Or, if we work we put our heads down somewhere around 25, bury ourselves in our jobs, ignore or put off the things we used to love, and come up for air somewhere around mid-life wondering where the hell the time went.  (Though I think that the younger generations have that figured out – I’m talking to us 40+ folks.)

So what’s on your “I’ll just” list today?  Ironically, today is my birthday and my day looks like laundry, several hours of work, chauffering kids, and grabbing a quick bite with my husband while one of them is at her activity.  However… a thoughtful friend, who is one of the best people I know at doing what she loves, has managed to convince me to steal away for the afternoon.  We all need some help – either a friend like mine, a list like Lesley’s to follow, or maybe a course, sport, or activity to invest in, to ensure that life is as full of “I’ll just spend an hour in the studio/with a friend/relaxing” as “I’ll just get this laundry done…”.

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