Summer Windup

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Knowing that we’d be busy with all the summer brings, whether it’s kids home or vacations or whatever, we wanted to our last project to be something to help us all be at least a little bit creative for the next couple of months.  So, these handmade journals were born.

The inspiration for the covers was a mix of zentangles, zendoodles and zendalas.

We used leather that can be doodled on with Sharpies!  That was so much fun in itself.  Then we added pages of cardstock and artist paper and watercolor.  A little bit of everything so that the possibilities for creativity are endless.  Though, as usual, we probably bit off more than we could chew from a time standpoint, we also added the options to include some charms and cords for bookmarks.

One of the more fearless of us also went crazy with leather stamping which is sort of hard to see here but was totally cool.  She also bound her book a little differently so you can see her name on the spine.
Cheryl and I are hopeful that these little books will be just the perfect size and inspiration for some summer doodling.  Mine was swiped by my daughter so I am already behind but I am excited about catching up and, not only having a memento of our summer’s activities, but also ensuring that I make the time for creativity each day.
We’ll be starting up again in September, maybe with a couple of new locations as well.  Keep an eye here for where and when we will be.

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  1. Hi Lori & Cheryl! Seeing what you did for the final session before summer I'm so sorry I couldn't make it. I can't WAIT 'til the fall and more sessions!

    ~ Barb Gilroy

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