Our inner pilot lights


This is an insightful, important look at our lives and our health. It’s so interesting because she talks about how we typically start with health issues and look for fixes without addressing any of the underlying factors. This time of year that becomes so obvious. How many of us succumb to a cold or the flu during the holidays and don’t even really notice? And we spend the whole time getting much needed rest and taking extra good care of ourselves or someone we love. As she says, and as I’ve seen as a stress educator, the body has been whispering at us for a while to pay attention and finally it yells. And still, we don’t really pay attention.

So she has re-imagined our wellness as a cairn – those balanced rock piles – with our bodies at the top and things like relationships, our environment, and creativity as some of the rocks underneath. And she points out how precarious that is and how, if any of the other rocks isn’t solid, how easy it is for the body to fall right off the top. It’s a great visual and a great reminder of how easy it is to focus on just one element and hope that the rest fall into place.

There are so many nuggets in this short talk, I have a page of notes! I really think that this should be watched and shared. Please take the 20 minutes – it’s one of those that could be watched over and over – until it’s not just an idea but something to actually put into practice.

Here’s to relighting those inner pilot lights and taking the time over the holidays to keep them burning brightly so that they continue to do that in 2012.

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