Our first event at the new venue


Was a huge success! A funny, knowledgeable wine expert kicked it off and provided us with interesting, delicious and well-priced wines to taste.

Here’s one that was particularly delicious – and quickly sold out… Chocolate wine.. Chocovine. It is the perfect party gift. Doesn’t necessarily sound or look so great but it is fabulous!



The venue is perfect. Tons of space, great energy, and really helpful staff. The before …

and the after …

Everyone received a little handmade gift.

Homemade bags, courtesy of a link here at How About Orange. (You should subscribe to her RSS feed, she’s always got something interesting going on). A journal to keep track of Wine, Women and a Paintbrush evenings, and the project for the evening, inspired by Alisa Burke, one of my favorite artists.

As is always the case, the creative juices were flowing, and there were endless variations on the theme. Which is really the point. That you start with an idea, get present, relax, and let whatever happens, happens.

   We hope that your holidays are filled with love and  laughter,

fresh air and sunshine,

and lots of restorative downtime.

See you in 2012.

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