Wirework talismans


The gathering of women at this workshop was amazing. The connections, the interactions, the surprises were truly fantastic and it was just a great place to be for a few hours.

Someone suggested recently that perhaps, in light of our focus on process rather than outcome, we shouldn’t be putting the finished pieces up on the blog. That they essentially defeat the purpose of letting go of expectations in order to really be present at the evening, letting whatever happens, happen. It makes me think about the need for both – the ability to, in the moment, let go of outcome, judgment and expectation, and also, in the end, to honor the outcome, no matter what that is. It seems to me that as women, and caretakers, we spend alot
of time giving – usually without expectation – and probably not nearly enough time appreciating or being appreciated. So maybe Wine, Women and a Paintbrush is a
place for both. An opportunity to let go of the daily responsibilities for a couple of hours but also to acknowledge and be acknowledged for what we’ve accomplished.
These pieces turned out beautifully. There is so much thought and heart in every one of them. You could feel that in the room and it showed in the way that women who’d just met were there for each other with support and guidance.

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