Lose What Needs To Be Lost To Find What Needs To Be Found


These are the words that follow the title of a movie that was released earlier this year called E-Motion.  It is a brilliant and transformational film that delves into the workings of our subconscious minds and looks at the power it has over our lives.  This sneak peek of the first 25 minutes of the film opens with a quote: “The subconscious mind defines everything about us,”  and then goes on to explore what actually controls the subconscious.  Without spoiling the movie for you by giving away the details, I will say that emotions are at the center of the discoveries shared in the film.

For many years Lori and I have led various workshops in both corporate settings and other groups, and the one constant has always been an inward exploration of the self, and in particular our emotions and thoughts and their impact on our lives.  I have often shared a quote in these workshops from Charles Darwin that I find particularly profound: “When the human species has finally harnessed the power of emotions, we will be ready to take the next evolutionary leap.”  Seriously.  Think about that for just a moment…emotions…when we figure that out we will EVOLVE?!  Like drop the fins and grow limbs kind of thing…an evolutionary leap!  This is HUGE!  And, while you contemplate this and relate it to your own life, you will probably recognize the truth of it…emotions are really a powerhouse.  Positive emotions can facilitate great movement forward, open doors, empower and lift us.  The flip side is true too…emotions can keep us stuck in the muck and fear and cause all kinds of issues and trouble in relationships, in our work and with our sense of self.  For many of us our early training led us to ignore emotions completely in favor of relying on our logical/rational faculties.  What folly this has been!  The journey inward to explore these things is at the heart of what we encourage in our workshops.  Creative play and personal reflection are perfect partners in this inward journey.  I think it beats therapy any day…but that’s just me. The reality is… art IS therapy if approached in a mindful, unattached, process-oriented way.  It is cathartic and soul-expanding…and it can even be FUN…really!  This intriguing movie sheds some light on how it all works and shares some wonderful insights that, if applied, are life-changing.  Enjoy…

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