Will your summer be Joyful?

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That was the theme of June’s gathering.  Here are the questions we started with: (based on Robert Holden’s book Be Happy – which I highly recommend).

What are the essential qualities of joy?

Where, when and with whom do you allow joy to express itself?

How could you welcome more joy into your life – and let it guide and inspire you?

What steps could you take over the next two months (the timeframe for our VERY short Calgary summers) to experience as much joy as possible?

In addition we talked and wrote about making positive commitments to our personal well-being in the areas of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  When you really listen to your body, your heart, your mind and your Spirit – what do you hear?

What was interesting was that what I had thought might be a happy discussion turned into quite a quiet reflective time for everyone.  Though I didn’t ask directly, I was curious about that.  Is it because when we think about joy, we notice where we don’t have it, or wish there were more?  Or does it just send us into a reflective state so that we can be really present to it?  I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts about that…

So, that reflecting was the foundation for the project which was to create a wall-hanging from cardboard, paper, beads, wire, pens and magazines to remind us of the possibility of joy and how we intend to stay present to it.  I suspect that these lovely pieces will grace somewhere special in each home this summer, and will be daily reminders of those activities and attitudes that will best result in a joyful, fulfilling summer.


One Comment

  1. Här har du en till som drabbats av en envis magsjuka. Känner precis som du mig helt dranerad på energi.Vi håller tummarna för tillfrisknande och sist men inte minst:Tack för en inspirerande blogg!!!!!!!!!!Kram från Kristianstad

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