Holiday Greetings

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There are going to be some very lucky people who will find beautiful, heartfelt mail art in their mailboxes this season. A variety of scrapbook paper, paints, stamps, stickers, and various other ephemera went into the creation of the fabulous letters above. Just as important though, were the contents – there was a lot of love being poured into these beautiful gifts. This is the season when it is so easy to get caught up in the doings and the chaos of holiday preparation and we forget about the love, gratitude and generosity that are the foundation of the holidays. This month’s workshop was all about letting someone know how important they are – I think that the writing of the letters was truly as wonderful for the authors as it will be for their recipients.

Happy Holidays,

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  1. Fantastic, Lori!! Well done. Can't stand that I'm missing this.

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