Connecting With Others


Connecting with others….yes, we need it like we need to breathe.  But, holy smokes it is easy to get SO wrapped up in all the things we have going on.  And, sadly, in all the devices that ding and vibrate for our attention.  We know the human connection is SO vital, and we know that making creativity a part of that connection makes it even richer.  Finding this article today over on Positively Positive is a great reminder.  (Yes, even we who KNOW these things need reminding!)

Need to Banish the Blues? Try the Power of Connecting to Others!

By Jennifer Waldburger, LCSW





Now that we’ve got the kick in the pants we needed, watch for details on an upcoming Wine, Women and a Paintbrush Session this month in Shawnigan Lake as well as some new ideas we are kicking around to share with you that will keep us connecting and creating and conversing….coming VERY soon!

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