A Commiseration Party


One of the many reasons we started WW&P was to bring women together to create, but also, because we know that gathering is how we cope and support one another through life’s ups and downs.  And yet, for some of us, (me for sure!) it’s so easy  to turn away from others, hide out, not show our vulnerabilities, and try to get  through our sorrows on our own.  I’m working at changing that so have designated 2012 as my year of “being seen”, and am doing things very differently than my hermit self wants to.

7 short years ago

So, this August, when my oldest son, Adam, moved away to pursue his passion for hockey, I invited a few women over whose children were also leaving this fall  for a few tears and lots of commiseration.

When the day of the party arrived, the same day my son was leaving, it was all I could do to not cancel. All I wanted to do was mope around. (By the way, I had NO idea his leaving would hit me that hard. It wasn’t so much about his preparedness to fly the coop.  The sadness stemmed from a realization that this was the first real life transition in our family and that nothing would ever be the way it was again.  And from missing seeing him daily.) Fortunately, or unfortunately, I knew my friends would show up anyway so it seemed in my best interest to be ready for them!

It was exactly what I’d hoped for – and what we hope for in our events. Women sharing our lives, our sadness, our hopes and dreams, lots of laughter, and, in this case, quite a few bottles of wine! (Hence the blurry photo).

an evening of happy commiseration

I’m glad I didn’t cancel. This was just what I/we all needed. And I’m so grateful.

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