About Us

 How It All Began…

Syncronicity brought us together…

We became fast friends during a Mandala Facilitator’s Training in California many years ago.  We’d each spent significant time in the  corporate world but motherhood and mutual interest in creativity and  wellness eventually inspired both of us to leave our careers and follow  alternative paths in art and self awareness.

Years prior, we’d each followed our hearts and started our own business  supporting the corporate environment we’d left.  Our focuses: stress  management and emotional intelligence.  We’d learned, through health  challenges in our personal lives, that the high levels of stress we all face in our fast paced world could be effectively addressed. And, as born facilitators, we were drawn to programs and trainings that we could bring back to others.

Cheryl’s expertise was teaching Self Awareness and Emotional Intelligence to coach and develop better leaders and better functioning teams and Lori obtained certifications in HeartMath and both personal and creativity coaching.

But it was including creativity that really made the difference!  And after we’d realized the power of the wellness training and creativity combined, we knew that we had to find a way to offer it to the people we were most interested in – women with busy lives who rarely took time for themselves, much less had a paintbrush or hammer in hand when they did.  And so, Wine, Women and a Paintbrush was born and we spent 6 glorious years holding monthly evenings of connection, creativity and, of course, as the name suggests, wine.

Where we are now…

After many years of fun and insight with in-person Wine, Women and a Paintbrush Calgary events, (which ended with a move for Cheryl to the West Coast), and another couple of years of events in Shawnigan Lake and Calgary, we’re looking for a new way to connect with you.

Now that we’re living in two different provinces we’ve found some new passions:  Cheryl creates “art that brings you home” and Lori helps women understand themselves and their purpose better through hand analysis.  The common thread now is, and was always, self awareness.  Whether helping ourselves, or you, to understand, love and accept one’s self a little better, it’s what inspires us and keeps us engaged.  And, no matter what else we do, creativity remains the most rewarding, enlightening access to self awareness there is – and the best way to integrate any ahas.

You can learn more about each of us on our respective websites:  Cheryl and Lori.  But the bottom line is, no matter what else we do, we always come back to our commitment to wellness and creativity for women.  And to finding ways to make it easily accessible, affordable, and most importantly, intentional.  Our manifesto says it all.




Lori & Cheryl Mandala

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