A Community of Courage


Less than a day after our first Woman, Wine and a Paintbrush evening, I am reflecting on how inspired I am by all the really cool women we shared our night with. Lori and I chose to lead everyone down a road of uncertainty, and they all willingly and cheerfully allowed themselves to go there. Why?… you might ask. Well, we knew that most folks often get hung up on needing to have a measure of control over our efforts, particularly creative ones. And, yet, we are often quick to judge our own creative efforts quite harshly. And, so we moved these adventurous women down a road of creative activity that did not allow for any control at all. (The project was an altered book done collaboratively, with a different person completing each layer.) Perhaps it was difficult for some, and perhaps it was completely frustrating for others, and I believe it was fun and liberating as well if one successfully reached the place of “letting go”. What I do know is that all were willing to go into uncharted creative territory and be uncomfortable with the process in it’s various stages. With this, I am inspired…and grateful. A community of women to share a creative journey is a blessing to me. And, to know that they are willing to allow themselves to be uncomfortable at times is so inspiring. I love that about women friends – we are willing to learn about ourselves, to grow and to stretch, to be vulnerable in the presence of one another, to grapple with our desire to have a measure of creative control, and to laugh at ourselves in the process. I believe this is what makes us women powerful. So…KUDOS to all you brave ladies who joined us on a journey of creative experimentation. I hope we have only just begun to show each other what we are capable of and you will continue this creative adventure with us in the coming months.

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