Did you make a resolution?



I haven’t really decided about resolutions.  Though I think if I did the above are a great place to start!  Some say they work as long as they’re properly designed (intention, commitment, support and all that).  But, on the other hand, considering that the 3rd Monday in January has been identified as the most miserable day of the year (since it’s when we realize we have “failed” yet again), I’m loathe to set myself up for what may well be inevitable disappointment.  I think there are ways around it.  Positive, inspirational approaches to it that give us direction – which, according to many, but in particular here via Chris Guillebeau, is critical.  Chris takes a tongue in cheek approach to an important subject – if we are not in charge of the decisions in our lives who is?

I think that resolutions are essentially that – choosing the direction for the new year.  So that, when it’s December 31, 2012, and I’m reflecting on the year, it will be satisfying that I followed my heart and took what control I could – because, of course, there will always be unexpected bumps in the road.

So, that’s what we got up to at January’s Wine, Women and a Paintbrush.  Twenty women explored what they wanted to bring to 2012 – a word, a way of being, a mantra, plans, people, goals and dreams that they knew would bring joy and fulfilment to the year.  We provided a whole lot of materials – from cardboard to beads to wire – and they created.  And tasted some lovely wines, cheese and pate.  And we were all reminded that it’s necessary to also focus on what’s important to us as it’s very easy to get caught up in everyone else’s needs.  So we don’t let our days, weeks, months and years – life – get away from us.  Because here’s the thing – and a quote I love.

                                             it’s your world.
                                             shape it or
                                             someone else will.
                                                        gary lew

Here’s a little pic of our January gift ….  (we’ve decided that it’s fun to give handmade surprises!)

And one of the completed projects ….

Whether you make resolutions or set intentions or choose words or whatever, or don’t, remember that auto-pilot, as Chris says, and as is so easy to slip into in the midst of all the responsibility, leaves way too much to other people.  Here’s to a soul-satisfying 2012!

Oh and by the way, this is really good – it’s a Chai liqueur that you can find here.

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